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Your DJ Checklist

Hire a DJ on his skill, reputation, attitude, personality, preparation, referrals & specialized training. If you have chosen a good DJ, they should display many of the following skills before and at your event

Peace of Mind:
1. Professional Gear
2. Back-Up Gear
3. Insurance
4. Association
5. Written Contract
6. References
7. Crowd Participation
8. Set up time
9. Requests
10. Experience

Why Music Mania?
1.We are referred by Hotels, Banquet facilities & Wedding Professionals
2. Our DJ’s interact with your guests to insure a great time
3. We network with other DJ professionals & attend training seminars & trade shows
4. We choose music appropriate for your event
5. We have packages to fit your needs
6. We can create any theme for your event
7. We have over 25 years experience!!